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Partnership Program

Become our partner
and earn with us!

Partnership with us means above all simple and clear rules

How does it work?

We remember users of our site who have registered through advertising on your website (if you do not have a website, enter here).


"Your profit is 25% of commission on our revenue acquired through your user + surcharge of 50 gr. for registering a new person on our site. "

Thanks to once gained new user you will earn all the time being our partner.
The whole is settled by an external company that has control over the correctness of the transaction.

Join the Partner Program today.

Joining the traditional partner program is very simple and takes approximately 1 business day. We have simplified this process to a minimum. Accession should not take you more than a few minutes! Partner program R1NG does not involve any cost. The only thing that needs to be done is to place opportune R1NG advertising on your site. Contact us and we will forward you all the details and help in joining the program. All necessary contact details can be found in the Contact section.

If you do not have a website you can still use the Referrers program.